Avocado on your pizza? Yes. Promise me you will try it! The creamy goodness of the avocado is balanced by the bitter/sweet of the arugula, basil, & lime salad that goes over top. Get the recipe and more photos on my blog by clicking here.

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The People You Surround Yourself With Make The Experience Magical

My time here is almost up. Tomorrow is my last day and I do not want to go back home. I impulsively made the decision to come, and it did not hit me that I was actually here until I was riding the bus with my sister on our way to school three days in. I have met such intelligent and real people that have inspired me to become a better person. They make me second guess the people I call friends back home. It makes me wonder if I had the choice to never go back home and not see those people again, whether it would hurt me or just make me a happier and better person.